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Rhinestone Press-On Nails N2

Rhinestone Press-On Nails N2

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Rhinestone Press-On Nails

Product Information
Material:: Plastic
Color:: Z053 - Transparent Nude
Wash care:: Wipe Clean
Catalog No.:: 1107493249
One Size: 1.8cm x 3cm / 1.7cm x 2.9cm / 1.6cm x 2.8cm / 1.5cm x 2.7cm / 1.4cm x 2.7cm / 1.3cm x 2.6cm / 1.3cm x 2.6cm / 1.2cm x 2.5cm / 1.1cm x 2.4cm / 1.1cm x 2.4cm / 1cm x 2.3cm / 9cm x 2.2cm

There may be a 2cm - 4cm variance in product size

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