About us

Adafashion.net  is a shopping website with a distinctive tone focusing on fast women fashion clothing. We offer high performance-price products including women's clothing, jewelry, beauty, shoes, bags, and more.

Features of Adafashion include, 

  • Lots of product styles daily update
  • Product recommendations
  • We recommend popular products to you that you might not be aware of
  • The ability to share your style with friends
  • Post and share your style to tell your friends how cool you are
  • Secure payment via PayPal or credit card
  • Sign-up coupons and theme activities

Our company is located in China , we have 350 metres warehouse and over 200 partner factories provide you the best fashion worldwide.

If you have any problems, please contact us via below


Dongguan Weiming Information Techonology Co.,Ltd.

Room 301, Zhenxing Beiliu Road, ZhaKou Village, Daojiao Town

Phone Number: +86 18825505510 

Email: info@adafashion.net